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DFA Kids Day Challenge 2023

Experiential and fun-oriented learning with many success experiences!
Fun in your own learning success!
Experience soccer, fun & action!

This day camp can also be booked for the gym or soccer hall!

Suitable for girls and boys!

Participation fee per child
20 Euro

DFA services for the participants
  •     90 minutes of eventful and fun-oriented competition with a sense of achievement
  •     DFA participant certificate
  •     Award ceremony with great prizes at the end
  •     Prizes for the 3 best kickers per group of 10

  DFA Training Principles

  • Supervision and training by specially trained DFA trainers
  • Learning-intensive and attractive competition in small groups (10 - 12 participants)
  • Age- and performance-appropriate grouping for optimal learning success
  • Individual support at different game stations
  • Individual and group competitions

DFA age classes

  • 4-6 years
  • 7-9 years
  • 10-12 years
Kids day challenge camp football
Kids day challenge camp football

DFA Event Schedule

  • Participant registration from 30 minutes before the start of the event
  • Welcome and grouping
  • Game phase at different game stations
  • Award ceremony and farewell of the participants

Marketing & Advertisement

In the run-up to the soccer camp, the DFA office will provide the DFA partner club with comprehensive and ongoing advice. For on-site advertising, the DFA will provide the partner club with 150 specially designed flyers and 10 posters free of charge. If necessary, the number of flyers and posters can also be increased. DFA will provide suitable advertising materials for the club's homepage, the club's official Facebook page and the entire social media area, as well as appropriate text templates for press and public relations work in the local media. The DFA office promotes the event extensively in the social media area and in consultation with the youth/sports office of the respective municipality/city. Furthermore, DFA continuously informs the representatives of the partner club and the parents of the registered participants. The registration of the participants takes place via the DFA homepage, so that there is no effort for the organizing DFA partner club.

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